Equipping lower income families with the necessary tools to combat obesity

What does obesity and low income have in common? Unhealthy diets. If you check this out http://frac.org/initiatives/hunger-and-obesity/are-low-income-people-at-greater-risk-for-overweight-or-obesity/ you’ll be more inform about the topic I’m discussing. If we’re able to provide the tools and opportunities for these unfortunate families to be able to get healthy nutritious food without having spend money they don’t have it will create alternative ways to eat healthy without having to buy from farmers market or grocery stores. By coming together as a community we can grow food for our families and provide them with much-needed nutrition for the energy they use on a daily basis. Not to mention we must educate the next-generation into being able to do this themselves so we can sustain what we have built. By taking this path we can solve one of the many problems of our society and lower obesity rates in low income households.

Don’t you wish you can afford all those healthy fresh food from farmers market and not have to eat fast food of once? How can we uplift the poor communities into ushering a new era of healthy lifestyles? In a way which we lower obesity rates therefore increasing lifespans of the communities. The most common theory is they were dealt a bad hand in which they live in an environment which has increased difficulty of living a healthy lifestyle. Let not lose hope. There are plenty of ways to combat this dilemma as the uses of community gardens increases the committee can join together to work for a healthier future while also educating the young to be able to sustain this trend and teach them that there are alternatives. I can stress this enough obesity is very unhealthy and can lead to many health related problems in the future for many individuals.

Community gardens are one of the most popular and efficient alternatives for lower income households to get fresh healthy food without the high expense. Does it cost a lot to develop and maintain one? As Christina Sarich stated “In many cases, it is cheaper to maintain a community garden with a volunteer staff than it is to maintain a park.” which is one of the reason why they are so popular.  Lucky if you live in Portland Oregon a city flooded with community gardens that value healthy lifestyles you are in good hands and should benefit from visiting this website https://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/finder/index.cfm?ShowResults=yes&AmenityTypeID=8 to find the closest garden near you.


These gardens allow lower income households to be able to get healthy unprocessed fruits and vegetables at little or no cost at all. All that’s asked in return is for you to roll up your sleeves and grab a shovel. Not only will you be getting much need exercise and fresh air but also the satisfaction of growing your own food. If you have never garden before and don’t want to look like a dummy come here for some tips http://www.dummies.com/how-to/home-garden/gardening.html before embarrassing yourself infront of a bunch of soccer moms.


Education is your most valuable possessions that can never be taken away from you as Sonya Kullmann stated “lessons today can extend to the future. ‘I really think we are in a great position to help influence students’”. Usually lifestyle trends tend to begin at a very early age and it prove beneficial to teach the next generation about different alternatives than having to go to the supermarket or drive thru to get a meal. In the majorities of lower income households money plays a big role in what you eat most times. These households cannot afford the nutritious food they need and will instead grab something that’s cheap and high in calories which is not the best routine to teach kids. The brightest path to take in countering all these negative effect would be involving the students by getting them out and growing and working in these gardens. An innovative way to motivate these student as Bobby Cherry wrote “As part of the enrichment activity, students taste foods from the garden” allowing the kids to enjoy the fruits of their labor. If you need any ideas on how to achieve these goals go give http://triblive.com/neighborhoods/yoursewickley/yoursewickleymore/6888451-74/garden-osborne-club#axzz3Ro7jkizG a visit.


It’s not hopeless to get quality nutritious food while being in lower income household as there are plenty of alternatives within our communities and schools. The question is are you willing to put in the effort? Through community gardens and education we can provide the necessary tools to combat obesity in poor communities and teach them how to sustain those habits. Just remember that all of this you’re doing now is to live a long and healthy life.









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